Commitment to Mississauga


A number of notable Canadian artists hail from Mississauga, and a significant emerging artist population exists in and around the 905 Peel region. In accordance with the AGM mandate, the gallery showcases the talent that originated here, and supports the potential talent currently being incubated.


The AGM defines a “Mississauga artist” as one who fulfills one of three conditions:


• The artist currently resides in Mississauga or the 905 region.

• The artist was born or raised in Mississauga, regardless of where they currently reside.

• The artist’s project demonstrates a strong connection to Mississauga, regardless of where the artist is from or where they currently reside.


Exhibition Proposal Guidelines

The AGM is committed to exhibiting work that advances critical enquiry and community connection to contemporary visual arts. The Gallery accepts proposals from artists working in all media, artist collectives, curators and arts and culture institutions.


Email all proposals to Mandy Salter, Director / Curator at agm.proposals@mississauga.ca. Please send all proposals to this email address. Only digital submissions are accepted. Proposals are reviewed twice yearly by the curatorial staff. You will receive a response via email. Please note: that Gallery exhibitions are booked at least 2 years in advance.


Exhibition Proposal Guidelines

Floor Plan




The AGM is now in its fourth year as Artist Recommender for Exhibition Assistance Grants! This grant assists visual artists, craft artists and media artists with costs directly related to presenting their work in confirmed, upcoming, public exhibitions.


We will be reviewing applications after the following two deadlines: September 3, 2017 and January 16, 2018.


In addition to the OAC program priorities and criteria, we consider the following in our grant decision-making:  

• Support artists who live and work in the 905/Peel region, in particular Mississauga.

• Work that demonstrates critical engagement with contemporary practice.

• Exhibition opportunities that could be characterized as important for the development of the artist’s career.

• No Toronto artists will be funded through this program.


Applications sent by email preferred. Email to Mandy Salter, Director / Curator at mandy.salter@mississauga.ca with the subject line “OAC Exhibition Assistance / Your Name”

Exhibition Assistance Recommender Information

Ontario Arts Council Information





The XIT-RM is a project space dedicated to showcasing the work of emerging artists in the GTA and Mississauga region. Six artists are selected annually by the gallery’s curatorial team to exhibit work that honours the mission and mandate of the AGM, with an emphasis on contemporary art and critical engagement.